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Mark Pittaccio – Your Behavioural Economist

The work of a Behavioural Economist is to study the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on economic decisions and how those decisions vary from our traditional understanding. It is a discipline that is used to inform the strategies of numerous global companies and has twice been the subject of Nobel prizes. First in 2002 for psychologist Daniel Kahneman and his work integrating insights from psychological research into economic science, and then in 2017 for economist Richard Thaler, recognised for his contribution to behavioral economics.

Mark Pittaccio holds a Masters Degree in Behavioural Economics from City, University of London. He combines academic rigour with extensive professional experience to help businesses use the science of behavioural economics to attract and retain the right type of clients, run profitably and maintain sustainable growth. Mark is able to apply  key themes of behavioural economics such as – heuristics, framing and anchoring – to analyse client behaviour and address the real world challenges faced by organisations of all types and sizes.

Mark Pittaccio is a sought after consultant and key-note speaker with a particular expertise in financial services.

What is behavioural economics?



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